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Size:2 oz

Need an alternative to harsh chemicals or toxic alcohols in your bug spray? Try our all-natural SwampJuice spray! Formulated using Eco-Solutions’ patented process, SwampJuice provides a safe alternative to common, chemical-filled bug sprays.SwampJuice is safe for kids and pets.SwampJuice can protect your entire family. Laboratory test from Serra Research shows that SwampJuice exhibited outstanding repellency After 45 min both LIB and BF reported 100% Repellency. To clarify, LIB stands for mosquitoes that Land with the Intent to Bite and BF stands for Biting and Feeding. In other words, SwampJuice is highly effective at preventing mosquito bites. Each small, but concentrated, bottle of SwampJuice has the power to safely and effectively repel insects without harsh chemicals. • DEET-free • GMO-free • Non-irritating