About Us

A Little History.

..Brothers Carpet Cleaning was created in 2000 by Gary and Mike. We both worked at another local carpet cleaning company for 5 years prior to this.  Having learned all we could, we left them to start our own business. We brought with us the experience we had gained and expanded upon it.  We purchased better and more effective equipment and tools.  We started using the latest in cleaning chemistries and took an even more active role in searching out new and improved cleaning methods and products.Present ...We still have that same drive and desire to improve upon the experience we offer to our clients.  Our clients are what make us what we are today.  The established relationships, and mutual trusts we have built upon are of utmost importance to us, both financially and most important, personally.  We would not be in business today without you, our valuable clients.  

We sincerely thank you,Gary Bartroff & Mike Kallen