Odor & Allergen Removal

We thought we could tackle most odors pretty well in the past but sometimes we only achieved partial success, now that has changed with a new system we have at our disposal.  

Our unique environmentally safe process permanently removes all odor's, cigarette and cannabis smoke, pet, cooking odors like curry, mold, and mildew, are just gone! Our Dry Fog enables us to decontaminate all surfaces and crevices. The fog penetrates into the most difficult and hard to reach areas!

Using the same technology that purifies your drinking water - we destroy allergens, bacteria, and spores. Then all surface areas are treated with our patented EPA registered antimicrobial treatment which destroys spores, viruses, bacteria, using the laws of physics. 

See the video below.

Less toxic than vitamin C - germs, bacteria and viruses cannot mutate and become superbugs. Long lasting protection is finally here. Be it your home, office, vehicle, safe fast and effective odors, germs, bacteria, allergens, viruses, mold, just gone!

If you're at wit's end dealing with an odor, indoor allergen, mold, etc...  we have the solutions ! 

Please click on the following link where you will be taken to our Specialized odor removal website packed full of great information and how we may help you.  

Odor & Allergen Removal